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See & Spell

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See & Spell

Product Description

Early reading and writing with hands-on playful fun! Make learning to read and write tangible and tactile, not abstract.

"Feel" the alphabet, "see" the alphabet, associate the alphabet with objects! Puzzle-playing preschoolers marvel in using puzzle-solving skills to spell words. It's a great confidence-building, educational resource for pre-readers!

Puzzle picture & letter manipulatives assist children in pre-reading concepts, phonics, & literacy development. Using 16 puzzle pictures and more than 50 vibrant letters, kids make huge gains in confidence and master new academic skills!

Learning the alphabet
Letter recognition
Recognizing letter sounds
Associating letters with words & objects
Matching words to pictures
Visual reinforcement of words
Spelling 3 & 4 letter words
Cracking the code of the skills needed to learn to read
Exploring sounds of advanced vowel combinations
Spelling other words they know without the aid of puzzle boards
Composing short sentences

Pick a puzzle panel - Bus, bird, frog, tree, pig, dog, duck, sun, and more - Then, find the correct wooden letters to fit into the slots and spell the words.

It's so easy yet so enlightening!

Boosting fine motor skills plus an endless list of reading and writing skills, the See and Spell Learning Toy is the perfect tool for pre-reading excitement.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Phonics Puzzle
  • A Pre-Reading, First Literacy Toy
  • Manipulative puzzle pieces ideal for first learning experiences
  • Hands-on exploration & Montessori-like approach to early learning
  • Essential letter recognition, phonics, beginning reading through play
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Builds confidence; Entertaining for self play
  • No-fail, puzzle format appeals to young children
  • Letters are painted on top side only to aid children in orienting letters
  • Unique in feature of more commonly used lowercase letters
  • Make 16 playful pictures; Pictures are colorful & realistic
  • Includes 8 two-sided wooden play boards, over 50 vibrant letters
  • High quality wooden learning toy
  • Dimensions: 14.375 x 10 x 2 inches
  • Storage Box
  • Ages 4+

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 3/21/2006
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 4 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #179

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    Total Customer Reviews: 556

    Overall Rating: (4.65)

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 10/10/2021 by
    Barbara Wyatt

    Great product for children. Very durable. Interesting to them. Easily handled. Highly recommend.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 05/03/2021 by
    Lenore Field

    My 4 year old grandson just received this as a birthday gift. He played with EVERY wood panel finding the appropriate letters for each before going onto a different activity. He loved it!!!

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 05/03/2021 by
    Rosana Palacios

    I specifically bought this because the child would not just have fun with it, but also learn to spell the object.

    Very educational and great quality �

    Posted 04/29/2021 by
    Sharon Shaull

    I like fat brain toys for my great grandchildren. I like how I can go on line tell their age and see what they advise.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 03/21/2021 by
    Wanyong Austin

    Should use capital letters

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 02/07/2021 by
    Rose Marden

    This is a great way for tactile learners to manipulate letters and learn the appropriate orientation of a letter.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 01/13/2021 by

    This was a gift for a girl that turned 4 years old. She loved it and started playing immediately with it. She has younger siblings that wanted to also play, and as the size of the pieces in the game are not too small for toddlers, the siblings were able to also enjoy the game with her. In the case of younger kids, they can find the letters by identifying shapes, while in the older kids that can recognize letters, this games provides a good opportunity to recognize words, letters and sounds. I would get it again.

    My Review of See & Spell - Great colors and shapes. Our grand daughter had a great big smile when she opened the box.

    Posted 12/29/2020 by
    Peter Buhmann

    The colors are great and the shapes are a good size. This is a perfect fun learning tool for our grand daughter.

    My Review of See & Spell - This is a great toy. I purchased one several years ago to use in my preschool & kindergarten classroom. It has helped a lot of kiddo's learn and held up well. I liked it so much I purchased it for my granddaughter.

    Posted 12/17/2020 by
    kathy Wahlquist

    My granddaughter is only 2 1/2 yrs old. Currently she likes to match the shapes of the letters to the words and ask what letter is this. I am sure she will play with it more frequently as she gets a little older.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 11/19/2020 by

    Very interactive and good learning toy!

    My 4 year old great niece is totally embracing and enjoying this product. It is a great sucess.

    Posted 11/02/2020 by
    Joanne Picardi

    My 4 year old great niece is totally embracing and enjoying this product. With limited pre-schooling due to covid,it is a great assist with her continuing to learn while having fun with the puzzle aspect of it. A great success & would highly recommend it.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 10/26/2020 by
    Brenda Ahtila

    We purchased this for 2 of our grandsons and they both enjoy playing with this. It's a fun way for them to learn their letters and words. It's made sturdy and is holding up well and has bright vibrant colors.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 10/26/2020 by
    Michelle Anderson

    Excellent educational product!

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 10/12/2020 by
    Mae Cushing

    I purchased this for one of my grandchildren and showed her how to trace the lower-case letters on the board, find the correct letter, compare the selected letter with her finger tracing it, place it on the puzzle, spell the word aloud. She loved it! So, I purchased this again for my other grandchildren for Christmas. Am looking forward to helping them write,identify all the lower case lettersand spell their words. Thank you!

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 08/03/2020 by
    Jessica M

    It's a refreshing alternative to similar tablet games. My almost 4-year-old knows a good amount of letters and their sounds, so this is helping make the connection with spelling. And the puzzle component is a win!

    My Review of See & Spell Ellenora Love this game she played for about 30 minutes when she opened the presents on her birthday before opening the other gifts we got for her. She thinks its fun to dump out the letters and mix them up and put them back in

    Posted 06/18/2020 by
    Allan Mahaney

    Great product well made and looks great lots of things to play with and its well done and painted in great themes

    Posted 06/09/2020 by
    Kathleen Willette

    I bought See & Spell for my granddaughter who was turning 4 years old. My daughter sent me several pictures of her playing with it the next day with the caption, "Mom, She LOVES this!" I am so glad but not surprised. First of all, my granddaughter is very into learning. Secondly, FAT BRAIN's evaluation of their products interest to a given age bracket JUST NEVER LETS ME DOWN!

    All parts are very sturdy, and the letters are solid. At first I was a bit dismayed that there are not enough letters to make all the words at once, but that's fine since the boards are double-sided, so it's not possible to see all the words simultaneousl

    Posted 05/24/2020 by

    (Note to whoever is asking me to do this review: How is this review different from the one I just wrote above? In the review I already gave, I was writing a review of the product only. I would just write the same thing again, and maybe add that, for a kid who loves to do puzzles but seems to be fighting the push by her mom & dad to learn to read, this is helping us a lot. Lower case letters are harder to learn than upper case, which is why this toy has been so helpful.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 05/23/2020 by
    Cheryl Tamba

    Such a well made game. My grand daughter loves to spell the words and see the picture. Great idea, mom and dad happy with it also.

    My Review of See & Spell

    Posted 05/10/2020 by
    Sarah Philpot

    I got this for 3 year. I know it is better suited for 4. My daughter likes the puzzle aspect of it, but I don't think she is getting the letter or spelling aspect of it quite yet. I would definitely recommend for 4 and up. Also, I wish there were more of each type of letter so we could spell lots more words. Or, more puzzle forms for even more words. I'm hoping my daughter will enjoy it more once she is closer to 4. A quality project for sure...just what you expect with Melissa and Doug products.

    Age Appropriateness for See & Spell

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 4 years of age.
    Warning WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.