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Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

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Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

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These ladybugs want to put your memory skills to the test!

Choose one of the five double-sided puzzle cards and then fit it into place under the top layer of the puzzle board, making sure all the holes are covered by the 20 wooden ladybugs before you begin the game.

Ready to play? - On your turn, simply grab two ladybugs from the board. If the pictures they reveal are a match, then you get to keep the ladybugs!

Keep on playing until all the matches have been found and all the ladybugs have been claimed. Whoever has the most ladybugs wins the game!

Then - Not done having fun? - Switch out the puzzle card for another and you're all set to start up the fun all over again.

Memory skills flourish like flowers in a lush garden when kids start playing the Ladybug's Garden Memory Game.

Ladybug's Garden Memory Game
  • Wooden game of lifting ladybugs to search for matching pictures
  • Encourages fine motor skills, memory skills, friendly competition
  • A beautiful way to help strengthen young brains!
  • Chunky wooden ladybugs are easy for little hands to grab
  • Puzzle cards feature varying levels of difficulty - From simple shapes to numbers to vibrant illustrations
  • Includes 2-piece wooden game board, 20 wooden ladybugs, 5 double-sided puzzle cards
  • High quality, strong materials - Lasting durability and safety

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 8/22/2018
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 3 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #59
    Dimension 10.25 x 10.25 x 1.75 inches
    Pieces 27

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    Total Customer Reviews: 361

    Overall Rating: (4.94)

    Perfect 3 yo Game

    Posted 12/22/2021 by

    3 y/o granddaughter loves this! Just turned 3 can't get the concept yet but loves picking up the "latey-bugs" and lining them up. Also likes to select the backgrounds - put them inside the wooden case and guesses which ones match without putting the bugs on first. Shape of pieces are perfect for little hands. Adorable!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/17/2021 by
    Jacqui Estey

    Beautiful, quality game! My granddaughter loves the bright red ladybugs!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/16/2021 by
    Caroline Counts

    My son loves playing with the lady bugs and uses them in play with his other toys as well. His interest in the ladybugs as encouraged him to try the matching part also!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/12/2021 by
    Meg Ehrhardt

    A birthday present for my 4 year old nephew and he loves it! He is very proud of how well he plays and when asked where he gets his good memory he happily replies "in my head!" Definitely would recommend this toy. It is well made (no rough edges) and the lady bugs that cover the holes are a great size for little hands to grab. Once we start to play, he wants to keep on and loves to switch out the cards. It's also a great tool for learning- the one page he struggles with are the hands on a clock which isn't surprising in the digital world we live in. It will be fun to see how he sorts it out.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden darling! I truly believe that our granddaughter will have a hard time leaving it alone! She does seem pretty smart and I think she will be challenging the game and others to play with her as well. I am very very pleased! I wi

    Posted 12/09/2021 by
    Lura Sedivy

    I know Lidia is going to absolutely go bonkers over this game! We call her Liddie Bug and she has lots of ladybug things. However this game is beneficial because we don't believe in the handheld electronic games nor does her parents! We have a five-year old grandson who LOVES BRING CHALLENGED and we will be looking for a gift for him as well but Lydia will be three years old soon so we will be looking at your website for another gift for her in March. Thank you for offering wonderful gifts that are challenging and yet educational for them! God bless you and your business.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/09/2021 by
    Lisa Whiting

    So fun, even my 15 year old son was playing it with his niece! It's well made and the bright colors make it our go to on family game night! Love the connection to nature and how well it is made. Do not hesitate getting it, you will not regret it! It was the perfect addition to our game collection!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/08/2021 by
    Crystal Wells

    Vibrant and easy to use. My 2.5 year old saw it in the catalog and asked for it for Christmas. We opened it early and she really enjoys it, I know her interest will only grow with time.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/08/2021 by
    Lori Wills

    I remember spending hours playing the "memory" game with my (now grown) son - it was his absolute favorite game....and mine too as it time spent together and educational as well. When I saw this, I knew my granddaughter (his daughter) had to have it. I love that the interchangeable cards - cute pictures that my grandbabies relate to - give so many different game playing options and will help prevent the game becoming dull. The ladybug pieces are adorable and solid --overall more than satisfied with this purchase.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/08/2021 by
    Dorothy Coleman

    Birthday gift for granddaughter's third birthday- she played with it all weekend & now one of her favorite games.

    A big hit with the four year-old!

    Posted 12/07/2021 by
    Terri Massardo

    Very well designed. There are many 2-sided sheets with pairs of images and they slip between the sturdy wooden covers. Pick two like photos and you get to keep the ladybugs. Count them up at the end to see who wins! We didn't get to play all the games yet -- there are plenty to keep a kid occupied.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/07/2021 by
    Toni Simonson

    Our little granddaughter loves it. She loves the matching, but also enjoys playing with the ladybugs as a separate activity. She is 20 months old.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 12/05/2021 by
    laura mckinney

    Granddaughter loves it!

    Ladybug's Garden Memory Game a Huge Hit

    Posted 12/05/2021 by
    Laini Wolman Reinblatt

    My three-year-old niece and nephew LOVED it! They picked up the rules and game play almost instantly. Then they played the game for a solid hour before their parents had to yank the game away so they'd go to sleep. Five stars!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/30/2021 by
    Teresa T

    Quality merchandise, so colorful and enticing.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/29/2021 by
    Allan Sterbinsky

    My Granddaughter LOVES this game. It probably helps that she beat her mother at it the first game.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/26/2021 by
    Karen Eldred

    This game is well made and eye appealing to kids. My granddaughter loved it and played for hours.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/26/2021 by
    Susan Miller

    this product isa unique way to play the memory game. the ladybugs are fun to hold and gather. the different cards make it seem like mutliple games in one.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/26/2021 by
    Danielle Warrenburg

    Super cute toy. Lots of small pieces, already lost a few. Definitely requires its own space to play, and attention span longer than 2 minutes!!

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/24/2021 by
    Maryjo Flamm-Miller

    We purchased this game for our two year old great-niece as a birthday gift. She LOVES lifting all the ladybugs and is very curious when one of us changes out the picture cards. We think this is a terrific learning tool for her and believe it will retain its appeal over the next 2-3 years. This is a "keeper" toy which the family will treasure because of its highly interactive nature. We value Fat Brain playthings.

    My Review of Ladybug's Garden Memory Game

    Posted 11/23/2021 by
    Nancy Gomez

    just going on 4 yr old grandson needs to play with this throughout the day. a real hit over here Sturdy / well designed

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