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Dado Cubes

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Dado Cubes

Product Description

Proportion, balance, structure, and color – Dado Cubes combine art and science as kids explore real architectural principles.

It's an exciting twist on classic building blocks! Young imaginations are engaged as the slits on each cube are interlocked to create an unlimited number of three-dimensional structures.

Constructed horizontally, vertically, or nested together, these blocks invite visual-spatial development and problem-solving for all ages through design-centered, attention-grabbing fun.

And the best part – Every configuration, no matter how you put them together, ends up looking like a brilliant piece of architectural art!

Help your young genius develop a keen eye for form, design, color, size, shape, and space with the beautifully creative delight of Dado Cubes.

Dado Cubes
  • Set of 10 cubes scaled from 1 to 5 inches that connect via slits along edges
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, experimentation, planning, self-esteem
  • Every configuration looks like a beautiful piece of architectural art!
  • Structures can be built over 32 inches tall
  • Nest them inside each other for easy storage
  • No matter how they're built, the structures look beautiful and fascinating
  • Made entirely of durable, heavy-gauge plastic
  • BPA-Free, exceptionally safe
  • Developed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.

    Dado is a Favorite Toy of Children...a Favorite Tool of Professionals

    Employed by Occupational Therapists: "Dado helps children improve fine motor skills, including hand strength, finger dexterity, and coordination of small muscle movements. With mastery of the movements required to fit the cubes together, children take obvious pride in their creative constructions. Psychosocially, children develop skills as they share ideas and talk about their play goal."
    Elizabeth Paskar, Occupational Therapist, Missouri

    Endorsed by Classroom Teachers: "The open-ended nature of Dado Cubes, their unique groove-connecting assembly, and the challenge of achieving the highly desired perfect balance draw children in. As my students are busy building, talking through their plans, and making adjustments, I am amazed by their critical thinking and problem solving skills."
    Stacy Coulter, Kindergarten Educator, Kansas

    Valuable in Ongoing Visual Spatial Research: "In my work with visual-spatial children in various corners of the world, I have found that one distinguishing feature is their ability to visualize in multiple dimensions. Many visual-spatial learners speak of 4- and 5-dimensional mental images! Dado Cubes would offer these individuals, young and old, a hands-on way of demonstrating what their incredible minds are able to see and create. For children who lack such ability, this wonderful new toy may help them to expand their understanding of dimensionality, viewing their world from a unique perspective!"
    Alexandra Shires Golon, Director, Visual-Spatial Resource
    Author, Raising Topsy-Turvy Kids; If You Could See the Way I Think; The Visual-Spatial Classroom

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 9/1/2006
    Manufactured In Country of Origin United States
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 3 years
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    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 12/06/2021 by
    Judy Campbell

    Overpriced for what it is.

    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    We are always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. If anything you order from us doesn’t meet your expectations in any way at all, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or possibly even give you a full refund!

    Posted 08/16/2021 by
    Linda Greenlund

    I gave this to my grandson for his 2nd birthday. He loves stacking the cubes. He is able to push the slots onto the cubes but is more interested in stacking them on their sides to make a taller stack. I really was impressed that even though the cubes nest together that there is space between each one so the cubes don't have to be nested in order of size. We kept the plastic organizer in the box which keeps the cubes nicely spaced. I expect he will grow into making more elaborate structures. Definitely recommend this toy.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 08/11/2021 by
    Farrah Gagliardo

    My 3 year old sliced his finger on the bottom of one of these cubes within 3 minutes of playing with it. I had to throw it away immediately. Dangerous- sharp edges.

    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    The safety of your child is extremely important to us. If you feel something you've ordered is unsafe for your child in any way, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or even give you a full refund!

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 08/03/2021 by

    Kids like this product. I had already been able to observe this product before purchasing it, so knew it was a good choice.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 06/01/2021 by

    I love these cubes for any of the toddler years. Younger kids will enjoy general stacking and manipulating. Older toddlers and pre-schoolers love the building aspect of this toy. I give as gifts and use with the kiddos I see as a pediatric Occupational Therapist.

    My Review of Dado Cubes:My

    Posted 05/22/2021 by
    Anet Ris-Kelman

    My 3 year old godchild loves this product and plays with it regularly.

    When I saw this product I thought it would make a great gift. Have heard back that it is being enjoyed by all.

    Posted 02/10/2021 by
    Carol Butera

    The colors are fun! The possibilities are numerous. Age range for play is good for families with multiple children.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 12/28/2020 by
    Tammi Richeson

    This is a nice product. The material is hard and thin and can be a little hard for a 3 year old to slide into place. You have to place blocks accordingly so it doesn't tip over, but that will help him learn balance. As a Montessori teacher I was so excited about the product and it's simplicity.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 11/25/2020 by
    Roxanne Hori

    I like these cubs because they're different. The colors are attractive to the child. They are portable and don't take up much space, so if you're living in tight quarters, they're perfect. Probably best for a child who is 3 or older because they need to have some dexterity to insert the pieces into the slots. Definitely glad I bought these for our nephew.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 11/18/2020 by

    Colorful, sturdy blocks with the added feature of stacking through slots - not just next to or on top of each other! My grandson's family lives in a small home, and it's especially important that the blocks nest inside each other, taking up so little space when they are stored. Excellent for imaginative play!

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 06/10/2020 by
    Carole Schulman

    The product is excellent and easy for children to play with. The child for whom I bought this is Autistic and it may take more time for him to become familiar with it. He loves assembling things, so I predict this will be a hit once he gets used to it. I recommend it for all children.

    We used the Dado Cubes as a gift for a three year old's birthday. He was excited when he saw them. They are very colorful and once he knew what to do with them,he tried to slot them together. I think he and his 5 year old brother will have fun playing wit

    Posted 05/30/2020 by
    Karen Borrelli

    Great product. Keep up the great ideas for for great products. I was not,disappointed!!

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 05/22/2020 by
    Margaret Flynn

    So many options on how little one can position and even slide cubes as they connect them ... some stacking seems to defy gravity ...a fun "Whhaaat???" time... This toy can be used beyond toddler stage.... Neat how you can build soooo many different designs! A toy you keep coming back to!

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 05/03/2020 by
    Yuying Cheng

    Looked interesting. 3 year old doesn't have the coordination to really build these out yet.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 12/23/2019 by
    Diamond Seagraves

    So much fun for my sons!

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 07/18/2019 by

    I got this for my 2 year old grandson and it seems his 6 older brothers and sister love it just as much. They all keep finding new things to make. Great toy!

    My Reveryview of Dado Cubes

    Posted 06/06/2019 by
    Emily McKeon

    It is a little advanced for my 3 year old

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 06/05/2019 by
    Jacqueline coyne

    He loves the cubes. I wish there was a larger box available. One box did not seem like enough.

    My Review of Dado Cubes

    Posted 03/04/2019 by
    Alyssa Griep

    My son is turning four and loved stacking the blocks and following the sample designs. He hasn't made too many designs on his own but that will come!

    Posted 03/24/2018 by
    Laurie Markoski

    interesting way to use a child's cognitive abilites

    Age Appropriateness for Dado Cubes

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 3 years of age.